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Easy Relaunch:
Check out this step by step photo of the Method Trainer kite relauching on a 4-line bar and line system.

Step by step trainer kite relaunch

Step by Step Trainer kite relaunch

Method Trainer kite is a 2 or 4 line trainer kite that can be used with the provided 2-line bar system or with any 4-line kiteboarding bar off any kiteboarding kite package. You can also get the 4-line bar conversion to use it in 4-line mode before you buy your 4-line inflatable kite.

The method Trainer kite is made of high strength heavy grade ripstop polyester. The included package includes a 2-line bar and line set, instruction manual, kite bag, patented bridle, and foil kite. It was designed as a inexpensive way to practice using a 4-line bar system on a depowerable kite. To keep the trainer kite price down it is sold with a 2-line bar system but can be used with ANY 4-line bar and line set like the one that comes with your first kiteboarding kite package. Alternatively, you can get the 4-line bar conversion and turn the 2-line trainer kite bar that is included with the Method Trainer kite into a 4-line bar and line set. Practicing on a 4-line sheetable kite will make a HUGE difference when learning the fundimentals of kite control. 2-line trainer kites give students the bad habit of holding the kite bar in all the way when they do make the transition to a 4-line kite bar during lessons. Having taught over 2000 people to kiteboard I know what new students need and the common mistakes they make. Holding the 4-line bar in all the way stalling the kite is bar far the most common issue during lessons and litterally takes hours to remedy.

This trainer kite should be used to practice before taking your kiteboarding lessons with a professional. Using a 4-line trainer kite before lessons will accelerate your learning and save you money. Because you can convert it from 2-lines to 4-lines you can start in 2-line mode to get used to the kite movement and then progress to 4-line mode which is much more difficult. After 3-5 hours on this trainer kite you will be a kite flying expert and will be ready for your first lessons. After your lessons you should use the Method Trainer kite as an aid to learn new tricks and practice new moves on the beach before heading out with your large inflatable kite.

Like all foil trainer kites, the Method trainer kite should only be flown in winds less than 19mph. Crashing the kite downwind in winds higher than this will result in structual failure of the kite ribs inside the kite or possible kite line failure. Trainer kites are meant as a training aid to get the user ready for flying a larger inflatable traction kite. They are constructed to pull through the wind-window to give the user an acurate feel of the power onset of flying kites but to not overpower the student. A traction kite will alternatively pull very hard as its purpose is to produce power to propell the user on a kiteboard, buggy, landboard, etc. Traction kite are generally more expensive because of the stronger lines, bar, and materials used in construction to accomidate this power. Traction kites should not be used for training and will proabably result in injury. The Method Trainer kite is the perfect training aid for someone on a budget who wants to get into the sport of kiteboarding.